Cuba in Azerbaijan

Cuba participates for the first time in the 6th Baku International Book Fair that opens today in the capital of Azerbaijan.

Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

The Cuban stand shows works related to the history, literature, art and architecture of the Greater Antilles.

The Cuban ambassador to this Caucasian nation, Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, commented on his twitter account that it is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the foundation of Havana.

During the opening day at the Cuban stand there was a meeting with students of foreign languages and Azeri intellectuals.

Cuba will participate in the VI Baku International Book Fair

Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

Cuba will participate in the VI Baku International Book Fair, Azerbaijan, which will be held from September 27 to 29, with an exhibition of books, digital platforms, multimedia products and cultural works of various Cuban authors and artists, the diplomatic mission reported today of the Island in this Caucasian nation.

The Cuban stand will show titles published by several Cuban publishing houses, among which are: Letras Cubanas, Ciencias Sociales, Verde Olivo, Unión, Citmatel y Soycubano, among others.

Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs inaugurates Official site of the XVIII NAM Summit in Baku

Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

The Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs inaugurated the Official Site of the XVIII MNOAL Summit in Baku that will take place in Baku from 25 to 26 October.

Internet users can access the new computer service through the address

The member countries of this Third World political consultation group will be able to learn about the preparations, the latest decisions and news related to the great appointment of Baku.


Cuban ambassador in Baku receives new charge d'affaires of Azerbaijan in Havana

Alfredo Nieves Portuondo

The Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Alfredo Nieves Portuondo, received the new Azerbaijani charge d'affaires in Havana, Ilham Agayev, at the headquarters of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Baku.

During the working meeting, both diplomats exchanged views on bilateral relations, reiterating the mutual commitment to continue strengthening friendship ties.

Agayev highlighted the potential that exists to develop economic-commercial relations, in sectors such as health, biotechnology, tourism and sports, among others.