Cuba in Austria

Visit of Ambassador Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios and part of the Embacuba Austria team to the Natural History Museum of Vienna

Dr. Ludovic Ferriérre, Curator of the Meteorite Collection and Head of the Department of Mineralogy of the Museum, turned out to be a luxury host to get to know the exhibition and the interesting scientific work done in this prestigious institution.

The meteorite collection that is exhibited in the Museum, with more than 1,100 rocks, is the oldest and most extensive in the world.

Two great American victories

Crushing the defeat inflicted on February 23 by Chavismo to the neo-fascist government of the United States and its lackeys of the Lima Group. The media montage of what was supposed to be the passage of the supposed humanitarian aid was a real ambush that, the enemies of the Venezuelan people considered beforehand, would be lethal. Maduro could not pass "the great day" invoked the day before by the ineffable Pompeo. But from the soulful concert of pinochetistas, uribistas, nostalgic of old glories, or simply fools, organized by the tycoon Richard Branson that did not show seriousness.

Declaration of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Cuba

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba strongly rejects the disrespectful declaration of the Department of State of the United States, awarded by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, in which it is intended to question the constitutional referendum freely and sovereignly celebrated by Cubans in the past February 24th.

Cuba ratifies the new Constitution with 86.85% of the votes cast; Strong support for the Revolution and Socialism

The Cuban revolutionary people gave on February 24 another sample of its human greatness and the vigor of the fibers of which it is made. The result of the Constitutional Referendum this Sunday is the highest point of a process built from realism, boldness, permanent dissent and the sense of the historical moment of the revolutionary leadership and from the collective thought, the sharpness and the desires of our immense town.

USA continues preparations to attack Venezuela, denounces Foreign Minister of Cuba

Havana-February 19. The government of the United States maintains the preparations for a military intervention against Venezuela, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced today in this capital.

In a press conference at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the diplomat said that as the government of the island warned in his statement of February 13, there are other military transport flights to other countries from US facilities where forces are based. of special operations and marine infantry.