Cuba in Austria

The Covid-19 pandemic evinces the need to cooperate despite political differences

The impact of COVID19 can already be measured and will be assessed in the future by the striking numbers of people infected, the unacceptable numbers of deaths, the unquestionable damages to the world economy, production, trade, employment and personal income of millions of people.  It is a crisis that goes well beyond the scope of health.


Information note on the measures adopted by Cuban Consulates in view of the spread of Covid-19

Havana, 19 March 2020.- In view of the serious international epidemiological situation arising from the high rate of spread of the novel coronavirus (SARS CoV 2/Covid-19), and its rapid expansion, Cuban Consulates abroad have adopted measures aimed at protecting Cuban nationals requesting services and the Cuban officials working in our country’s consular offices overseas against potential spread of the disease.

INFORMATION NOTE: Concerning consular services

Considering the serious situation of the incidence of the new coronavirus in Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia, the Consular Section informs its clients that:

1. The customer service offered in our consular offices is suspended as of Monday, 16 March until Wednesday, 1 April 2020.

INFORMATION NOTE NO. 4: Current situation in Cuba of the novel coronavirus COVID-19

To date, there are no reported cases of coronavirus in Cuba. In case of occurrence, the Government of Cuba will immediately inform the population.

However, the possibility of introducing the virus into Cuba is real, based on the international context.

The Plan for the Prevention and Control of the novel coronavirus approved by the Council of Ministers in January 2020 has been updated and broadened.