Cuba in Austria

Cuba and Austria take cooperation between their Ministries of Justice forward

The Federal Minister for Justice of the Republic of Austria, Mr. Wolfgang Brandstetter received the Cuban delegation led by the Deputy-minister for Justice Mr. Francisco Eduardo García Henríquez in the headquarters of the Austrian ministry. It was a fruitful meeting in which both parties ratify their will to take their existing cooperation relation forward through the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the ministers of both countries in December 2015.

Special Olympics to start on Tuesday

The Special Olympics winter games 2017 in Graz, Schladming and Ramsau are due to start on Tuesday, with the arrival of around 2,700 athletes.

The Special Olympics for the mentally impaired have been taking place for 55 years, based on an initiative by the Kennedys in 1962. The movement organises around 100,000 events in 170 countries every year.

Address delivered by the Deputy-minister for Justice, Mr. Francisco Eduardo García in the Sixtieth Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)

Cuba wishes to highlight the importance of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs as a Rector Agency of the United Nations for addressing of the Drug Global Problem. We support its central role in dealing with the drugs global problem that continues to be every time a more complex challenge produced by multiple causes. It damages health, social coexistence; it jeopardizes civic security, integrity of democratic institutions, public policies, development and economic activities. As a result, we believe that it should be faced in a comprehensive, balanced, multidisciplinary way under the principle of common and shared (but distinguished) responsibility.

Cuba and Austria ratify their will to broaden cooperation in the educational sector

The meeting held by the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Austria, Mr. Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios and the Federal Minister of Education of this European country, PhD. Sonja Hammerschmid at the headquarters of the Austrian ministry, constituted an opportunity to ratify the will of both countries to continue strengthening the existing cooperation bonds in the educational sector through the extension of the bilateral MOU in force.