Cuba in Austria

Cuba participates in the Business and Investment Forum Iconvienna 2017 in Austria

The 13th European Business and Investment Forum (Iconvienna 2017) was held in the Federal Economic Chamber of Vienna. There were presented the business opportunities in Latin American and the Caribbean in the margins of the event. Likewise, Cuba´s foreign investment opportunities, essentially, in Mariel Special Development Zone as well as in the renewable energy sector and some other prioritized areas were highlighted.

Jacob Zurl in Cuba

The Austrian extreme cyclist Jacob Zurl will try to set a new Guinness record by going from La Punta de Maisí to El Cabo de San Antonio.

Representatives from the Cuban embassy in Austria have a meeting with authorities and Cuba´s friends in Carintia

The officials of the Cuban Embassy in Austria, Marieta García (Counselor) and Roberto Vizcaíno (Second Secretary in charge of Consular Affairs) performed a working visit to Carintia, an Austrian region. They were received by the authorities of Wolfsberg, St. Andrä, and Klagenfurt cities. They had some meetings with the Head of the branch of the Friendship Association Cuba-Austria (ÖKG, by its Dutch initials) and Cuban residents in this Austrian region.