Cuba in Austria

"Free Cuba is incompatible with slave Cuba"

As many of us already know on October 10, 1868, the Cuban independence leader and who initiated the Ten Years' War, when he took up arms against the Spanish government, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, granted freedom to his slaves and I invite you to join the anticolonial struggle; What many are unaware is that in that same year, but a day like today, the Major General of the Liberation Army and First President of the Republic of Cuba in Arms, Decree on slavery, basing: ... all men are equal, us. .. we want the emancipation, gradual and under indemnity, of slavery ...


Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia and the tourism towards Cuba

Cuba expects the arrival of 4 million 700 thousand tourists by the end of this year. By 2018 it is expected to reach the five million visitors.

Every time the number of people choosing the Island as a tourist destination is bigger and, corresponding to this, the amount of available rooms for the stay in the hotel chains and the accommodations in “casas particulares” (B&B) has been increased.

Information Note: Closure of the Consulate

We inform all our users that from 25 December 2017, the Consulate of the Republic of Cuba in Austria with jurisdiction in Croatia and Slovenia will not provide the customer service.