Cuba in Australia

Australian Senator expresses interest in closer ties been Cuba and Australia

"We are very willing to work together with Cuba," said Australian Senator Chris Back, when he was received in Havana by Ms Ana Maria Mari Machado, MP and Vice President of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP).

The visitor expressed his satisfaction that the National Assembly was the first host of his visit to the island, adding that he would like to get closer to the Cuban experience on such important topics as education, foreign investment and the tourist industry.

EGREM Director meeting with NDCA officials

A meeting was held today between the Director General of the Recordings and Musical Editions Company (EGREM), Mario Escalona Serrano and the Cuban Ambassador José Manuel Galego Montano, and Ms Sophie Alexander and Dr Stephen Arnott, representatives of the Department National Communications and Art in Australia.

Tuitazo for the End of the Blockade Against Cuba


On April 2015, during the Summit of the Peoples of Panama and in 2016 in various regional meetings of solidarity with the Cuban revolution, an agreement was made for visible actions to take place to show our forceful rejection of the criminal blockade.