Cuban residents in Belize express their support to the Cuban Revolution.

Belize, January 23, 2017. Cubans residents in Belize expressed their support for the Cuban Revolution during the event that took place last Friday 20th, at the House of Culture of Belize.

Dr. Ramón Roberto Varela Gonzalez, spoke during the event that also included the screening of the documentary "Ode to the Revolution" by director Roberto Chile.

Belize City celebrates life of Cuba’s Fidel Castro

Belize, December 19, 2016. A memorial service was held at Belize City Hall on Friday to commemorate the life of Cuba’s recently departed, Commandant Fidel Castro Ruiz. 

The event was also in celebration of Cuba’s CARICOM day, which is a celebration of the partnership and relationship between CARICOM states and the Cuban government. The day is officially observed on December 8th.

Belize and Cuba – A Match for 44 Years

An event to commemorate the 44th anniversary of the creation of a growing relationship between Cuba and CARICOM was held this past Friday in Belize City. During his speech, Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley, spoke about Cuba’s contribution to the Caribbean nations, specifically Belize.