UB pays Tribute to Fidel Castro

The University of Belize teamed up with the Cuban Embassy for a tribute to Fidel Castro to mark the first anniversary of his death. Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Fem Cruz

“An official ceremony was held today at the Jaguar auditorium in Belmopan to celebrate the first anniversary of the passing of the first outstanding Cuban leader, Fidel Castro. The Ambassador of Cuba Lizzette Perez and the President of UB, Emeritus Clement K. Sankat spoke to Love News about the life of Castro and the unveiling of the plaque.”

Lizzette Perez – Ambassador of Cuba

Tribute to Fidel at the University of Belize

Today the University of Belize in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba held a Tribute to Fidel Castro, Commander of the Cuban Revolution, in commemoration of his passing one year ago.

UB President Professor Emeritus Clement Sankat and H.E. Lissette Perez Perez unveiled a plaque at the Jaguar Auditorium in honor of the occasion.

 UB Oficial Facebook Page

Prime Minister of Belize met Ambassador of Cuba.

Belize November 15, 2017. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize who met today the Ambassador of Cuba, Lissette Pérez, ratified the solidarity and support of his government to Cuba in the battle against the blockade imposed by the United States for almost 60 years.

Citrus Products of Belize in Cuba for International Fair

Belize, November 2, 2017, Citrus Products Belize Ltd. (CPBL) is promoting an extensive product line of citrus concentrates, by-products (pulp cells, oils and essences), value added products (natural tetrapak juices, squashes – juice mixers and citrus pellets – animal feed) at the 35th International trade Fair in Havana, Cuba.

Mr. Nikita Usher is representing both CPBL as Marketing and Sales Manager and the Belize’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry in his capacity as President.