Friends of Cuba in Australia demand the end of the blockade in front of the US Consulate General in Perth

Canberra, June 12, 2019. Members of the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) in the State of Western Australia gathered at the US Consulate General in the city of Perth, in an act of protest against the measures implemented by the current US Administration to strengthen the blockade against the island.

With banners of "Down with the Helms-Burton Act" and "Lift the US blockade on Cuba", the demonstrators carried out a noble gesture of solidarity with Cuba which they intend to maintain with a monthly frequency in the future.

Cuba is present at the Sydney Film Festival

Canberra, June 10, 2010. From June 5 to 16, more than 250 cinematographic works including films, shorts films and documentaries will be presented at the Film Festival of the Australian city of Sydney.

The film about the life of the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta was premiered in Australia

Canberra, April 22, 2019.-The film Yuli, inspired by the life of the renowned Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, was premiered on April 20 at Palace Electric cinema in the Australian capital, as part of the Spanish and Latin American Film Festival 2019.

 Prior to the screening of the film, the Cuban resident and dancer, Erick Turro Martínez, enlivened the event with a mixed choreography of son, mambo and cha cha chá.