U.S. crusade against Cuban international medical cooperation: Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


As MINREX warned in a statement released August 29, 2019, the United States government has, since last year, been waging an intense, offensive campaign against the medical collaboration Cuba provides, along with threats of sanctions against Cuban leaders and pressure on recipient states to end such cooperation. Directed in detail by the National Security Council at the White House, the campaign has the active participation of Senators and Representatives associated with the anti-Cuban mafia in Florida and rabid State Department officials.

Dukhan's Cuban Hospital receives the Annual Stars of Excellence Award

Cuban Hospital

December 5, 2019. - The National Institute of Health Quality of Qatar awarded the Annual Stars of Excellence Award, 2019, to the Cuban Hospital of Dukhan in recognition of the quality of health and safety of the patient. Meanwhile, the venous thrombosis prophylaxis team received recognition of appreciation by the aforementioned Qatari entity. According to Dr. Ernesto López Cruz, head of the BMC, all hospitals in the country opt annually for both awards, granted by the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar.

Tribute to Fidel Castro in Qatar

Fidel Castro

Members of the Cuban diplomatic corps in Qatar, members of the medical brigade of the island that works here and a representation of the Venezuelan embassy paid tribute today to the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. Songs, declamations and an exhibition entitled Fidel forever paid tribute to the leader when recently, the third anniversary of his physical disappearance.

New US smear campaign against Cuba


For weeks now, the U.S. government has been leading a new defamation and discredit campaign against Cuba as part of its policy of growing hostility against our country. It drives it in the face of the political failure to surrender Cubans by strengthening the economic blockade and the measures to deprive us of fuel, and in the face of the demonstrated capacity for resistance of our people, who celebrate with optimism the 500th anniversary of Havana.