Syrian Social Nationalist Party condemns the inclusion of Cuba in the list of sponsors of terrorism

Obaid by telephone to Moraga: We condemn the US actions against Cuba... "The real terrorism is the occupation, racism, extremism and their sponsors."

Beirut, January 18, 2021. The dean of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, Kasar Obeid, considered that the sanctions imposed by the US administration on countries, parties, institutions and individuals do not respect international laws and statutes, and that they enshrine the law of the jungle and logic of arrogance and tyranny.

Ambassador of Cuba in Lebanon condemns the inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism

Beirut, January 15, 2021. The Cuban ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Pellicer Moraga, said today that the United States lacks the moral authority and legitimacy to condemn any other country and include it on a list of sponsors of terrorism.

Pellicer Moraga offered statements to the pan-Arab channel Al Mayadeen, regarding a recent North American decision to reinsert the Antillean nation on that list.

It is an affront to the Cuban people, who have suffered hundreds of terrorist actions planned by successive US governments over the past 62 years, he added.