Meeting with young Zimbabweans who were awarded scholarships for university studies in Cuba

The Cuban Ambassador, Carmelina Ramírez, and the Counsellor, Yoisy Ford, received in the Embassy the two young Zimbabweans, Tavonga Mukhachana and Mduduzi Keith Gumbo, who were selected to study in Cuba the careers of Civil Engineering and Medicine respectively. The moment was propitious to congratulate the students for being winners of the scholarships and update them on the events of the island.

Cuban Ambassador participates in videoconference chaired by the President of Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe invited the Ambassador of Cuba, Carmelina Ramírez, together with the group of African Ambassadors accredited in Harare, to participate in the virtual launch of the book of African memories and in the inauguration of the mobile museum of African liberation. At the meeting, President Emmerson Mnangagwa thanked the contribution and unconditional support of friendly countries in the African struggle to achieve its independence from colonialism and imperialism.

The African Memoir is the first publication that tells the more than 500-year history of this continent, from the African perspective and without global media manipulation. The Mobile Museum of African Liberation was also inaugurated which is equipped with high-tech equipment where visitors can interact to obtain information on the history of Africa and its victory against the oppressors.

Cuba's first vaccine candidate against COVID-19 will begin clinical trial on August 24

Note the date: this August 19, the 105th anniversary of the death of the great Carlos Juan Finlay, Dr Vicente Vérez Bencomo, director of the prestigious national vaccine institute named after the distinguished scientist, presented to President Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez and the National Group of Experts to confront the pandemic, the first specific vaccine candidate against COVID-19 from the small and besieged Cuba.

 “The vaccine has been arrived at with prudence, with measure, without showing off, taking the steps that had to be taken. That is why it was first registered properly and the first information will be given in depth by its protagonists”. The study has the fundamental authorization of the Center for State Control of the Quality of Medicines (CEDMED), which is the regulatory authority.

Soberana, the first Cuban vaccine candidate against COVID-19 in the FR (Front Runner) category, and identified by the initials FINLAY-FR-1, will enter the clinical trials phase as of Monday, August 24, that is, in human beings: 20 of at least one age group from 19 to 59 years old. A week later, the test will be applied to an equal number of volunteers between 60 and 80 years old. The second phase of these clinical trials is scheduled for September 11, when all 676 volunteers will be completed, including the 40 from the first phase.

The Cuban Embassy in Zimbabwe pays Tribute to the Historical Leader of the Revolution on the 94th anniversary of his birth

On the morning of August 13, members of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Zimbabwe paid tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, on his birthday. The historical Leader, a man of world stature and recognized as one of the most outstanding strategists of all time, was much loved by the peoples of the world and especially in Africa. Robert Mugabe expressed to the Cubans " Fidel was not just your leader. He was our leader and the leader of all revolutionaries. We followed him, listened to him and tried to emulate him."

Declaration of the Zimbabwe-Cuba Solidarity Association (ZICUFA) of the Midlands Province, on the occasion of the 67th Anniversary of the Assault on the Moncada Barracks.

We would like to congratulate and salute Cuba on the commemoration and celebration of historic and heroic day in the history of Cuba when Commandant Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries seized Moncada This historic and courageous act angered the US capitalist system up to this day.

We the ZICUFA Midlands Province chapter we condemn the US blockade against Cuba. We demand for the unconditional removal of the blockade which is designed to suffocate the revolutionary people of Cuba. The blockade is a violation of the United Nations Charter and of the International Law.

The US blockade on Cuba is a declaration of war to prevent and frustrate Cuba on its socialist path. It is an act of genocide and cowardice. We have also observed that in recent months Washington has begun to escalate aggression against Cuba.

We applaud and salute the socialist government of Cuba that despite the blockade and US aggression, Cuba is continuing its heroic task of Internationalism. We have witnessed the medical brigades helping many countries in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic.

Cuba is leading the way in exemplary acts of international solidarity during this time of Covid 19 global pandemic. Cuba has dispatched medical brigades to many countries to combat the virus. Over the years Cuba had provided rapid response to support victims of natural disasters and epidemics.

The blockade is hurting the Cuban citizens but it has failed to achieve the intended political objective of toppling the Cuban socialist administration.

We stand always by the Cuban people for standing resolutely and relentlessly against the diabolic US onslaught.

Long Live Socialism!

Long Live Fidel Castro!

Mr. Mafa Kwanisai Mafa (President of Zimbabwe Cuba Friendship Association – Midlands Province)