Heritage Preservation: a window to US-Cuba cooperation in times of political roll back

On January 27th, the World Monument Fund (WMF) organized a symposium and workshop regarding the options U.S. academic and non-profit institutions have to better support their Cuban partners in preserving Havana's heritage. Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas was among the speakers of the event entitled “Against the Current: Priorities and Pathways for Supporting Preservation in Havana”.

Declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba: Cuba rejects the pretexts of Bolivian putschist authorities to suspend diplomatic relations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Plurinational State of Bolivia announced the decision of the putschist Government to suspend diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba, claming that the Cuban Government has systematically affected bilateral relations and has been hostile towards the Bolivian authorities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba strongly rejects the unfounded allegations of Bolivia’s de facto government.

“One Door Closes, Another Opens”, Interview with Ambassador Cabañas

By T.K. Hernandez


CUBA BUSINESS REPORT- José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez is Cuba’s First Ambassador to the United States, appointed two months after the restoration of diplomatic relations on September 17, 2015. Prior to becoming Cuba’s ambassador in Washington, he was Chief of the Cuban Interests Section in that city.