The Workers' Party of Turkey issues a statement condemning the blockade against Cuba.

Ankara, April 27, 2020. The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Turkey issued a statement condemning the United States blockade against Cuba, entitled "Yes to solidarity with Cuba, no to the United States blockade."

The text begins highlighting that: "The COVID-19 pandemic once again demonstrated how shameless capitalism and imperialism are, even in disastrous conditions that threaten humanity" and that "the United States is pioneering this shamelessness as usual.”

Later, the statement underlines the following elements:

"(...) USA just watches thousands of its citizens to die and cannot even provide the most basic health service to its own citizens. While, not ashamed to increase its aggression against Cuba, which provides the world's highest quality health service to its citizens free of charge and even uses its facilities for the people of the world."

“The blockade, which has been imposed against Cuba for almost 60 years, violating international law, has entered a period where not only international law but even basic moral rules are ignored. Last month considering the pandemic as a chance, US has further aggravated the illegal blockade against Cuba."

"We condemn this illegal aggression against Cuba, to a country who uses all its means to support the peoples of the world during these challenging days, and shows the world what solidarity means by sending health workers, equipment and medicines to the countries which are most affected by the pandemic."

The declaration concludes: "we declare once more that solidarity with Cuba, defending Cuba means to defend humanity, law and morals."Long live Cuba! Long live Solidarity! Down with imperialism!

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