Words of Ayatollah Khamenei to our Commander in Chief Fidel, during their meeting in Tehran in May 2001.

Tehran, november 28, 2020. For the first time, the Khamenei.ir portal, publication site of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, on the 4th anniversary of the death of the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, published the statements made by Ayatollah Khamenei in the meeting held on May 9, 2001 with our Commander-in-Chief, whom they refer to as: an emblematic figure of great weight in world politics.


"I'm very happy to see you again. In Tehran, you are among people who know you well and who appreciate you. I've known you for years, and our people hold your name and good standing in high regard. Without a doubt, the commonalities and affinities we share have played an important role in creating the cordial and spiritual ties that exist between us. When I first saw you in Zimbabwe, I felt a close connection between us. That is due to the affinities and the common beliefs and positions that we share. I hope that your visit to Iran opens a new chapter in relations between our countries.

Although we are geographically far apart, we may have close ties and relationships. »Today, what afflicts the world most are injustices. Some European countries that fought devastating wars in the past chant slogans of peace today, but without ever raising the question of justice, which is what humanity needs today. Peace must be based on justice, and it is the responsibility of the Christian Church to play a more active role in that regard. »We believe that religion should satisfy the basic needs of humanity. That can include personal, emotional, or social needs. We believe that Islam is a religion capable of meeting all human needs. However, some have not understood the Islamic ideology correctly. The upshot is that although they are called Muslims, they are submissive to arrogant powers like the United States.

We believe that this is not in accordance with Islamic teachings, since Islam places great emphasis, as well as on spirituality, also on justice. “However, some powers like the United States oppose our beliefs and call us fundamentalists! Their opposition is mainly due to the fact that such beliefs have certain practical effects. Among our religious concepts, there is a notion that is that of arrogance. In fact, the United States Government is the very embodiment of arrogance. If we reject arrogance and a unipolar world, it is due to our religious beliefs. We consider any fight against arrogance in the world to be a fair fight, and we feel that whoever is involved in that fight is on the same side as us.

“From an Islamic point of view, your resistance to American harassment and domination is commendable. That is why you have received such a warm welcome when you visit the University of Tehran today. Many country leaders will not receive such a warm welcome if they visit our universities. This shows that our people are well aware of the value of their just resistance to the United States.

We have learned both spirituality and the right way to live from our religion. Religious thought is based on deep philosophy and supported by sound logic. It is not merely an emotional inheritance passed down from one generation to another. In fact, religious beliefs have deep roots in our society.

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