Women in Cambodia ask the end of the US blockade against Cuba 

The voice of the women of the Kingdom of Cambodia has been raised on multiple occasions to demand to end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba. The solidarity support of these Asian women is consolidated as a milestone in six decades of diplomatic ties between Havana and Phnom Penh.

One of these women is Ty Borasy, chair of the Senate Committee on International Relations and Cooperation. For many years, the prestigious lawyer has been closely linked to Cuba, as she chaired the Parliamentary Friendship Group Cambodia-Cuba

Currently, this group is led by other woman,  the parliamentarian Nin Saphon, who has visited the Island and expressed his conviction to accompany the Cubans in their fair battle for the end of the US blockade. 

Recently, both leaders ratified to Ambassador Liurka Rodríguez, the feelings of their compatriots. The parliamentarians argued that the US blockade is unfair and immoral and it’s the main obstacle to the development of Cuba and that has a direct impact on the daily work of Cuban mothers, workers, intellectuals and peasants. The fight for their elimination, they added, will always be a priority task for Cambodians.

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