VII Meeting of Cubans Residents held in the United Kingdom

UNITED KINGDOM, 15th April, 2017.-The VII National Meeting of Cubans Residents, an event organized by the Cubans in UK Association was held, attended by Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The main discussion of the meeting was focused on the role of Cubans in spreading the truth about our country, the rescue of national identity, fighting the media war against our country in social media, supporting the updating of the economic and social model and rejecting the constant US interference maneuvers in internal affairs of Cuba. The attendees expressed their ideas and experience on how to strengthen the unity of the Cuban community and the way to instill the Cuban idiosyncrasy and values on new generations.

Daniesky Acosta, President of Cubans in UK, made an overview of all the work and projects carried out by the association since the last meeting, and then he established future projections.

Virgilio Ponce spoke about the Meeting of Cubans Residents in Europe, held in Lisbon last October, and about the initiatives carried out by others Organizations of Cuban Residents.

On the final Statement of the event it is demanded the elimination of the blockade to Cuba, the closing of US Naval Base in Guantanamo and the return to our country of the illegally occupied territory.

Final Statement of the VII Meeting of Cubans Residents in United Kingdom

The Cubans in UK Association, on the occasion of the VII Meeting of Cubans residents in United Kingdom, once more our rejects and condemns the blockade imposed by the US to Cuba and we demand the closing of the US Naval Base in Guantanamo and the return to Cuba of the illegally occupied territory.

Despite the attempts at rapprochement between both countries, the blockade remains in force. Persecutions and harassment continue to Cuban and foreign banking and financial institutions related to Cuba. Since the announcement on 17th December, 2014, the US government has fined 11 entities for a total value of $2,843,623,359.*

Last year, our association was also a victim of this policy. The Eventbrite US company seized £360 that we raised by selling tickets for our first benefit concert, as part of the Send a piano to Cuba project.

 Former President Barack Obama acknowledged the obsolescence of the blockade and the damage that it has caused to the Cuban people. In October, 2016, it was held in the United Nations General Assembly a historical vote of the Cuban resolution against blockade, with 191 votes in favor of Cuba, 2 abstentions from US and Israel and no dissenting votes.

 From the United Kingdom the Cuban Community demands to the new US administration and to President Donald Trump to put an end to blockade against Cuba and to continue the dialogue in an environment of respect to our country and sovereignty, without conditions, for the improvement of relations between both countries.

Viva Cuba!

Cubans in UK

15th April, 2017

Comunidad cubana