The US increased hostility against Cuba by a new accusation

The US increased hostility against Cuba by a new accusation

Havana, May 14 (Prensa Latina) The US has increased hostility against Cuba by including it once again to the list of nations that 'do not cooperate with anti-terrorism efforts,' while remaining silent on the attack against Havana's Embassy in Washington.

Cuban authorities rejected yesterday such a decision by the US State Department and denounced that Trump's government hides its history of State terrorism against the island.

Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described the list as 'spurious', and regretted the US has not condemned nor answered questions about the terrorist attack against the Cuban diplomatic mission in Washington on April 30.

Meanwhile, the Director General of the US Office at Cuba's Foreign Ministry Carlos Fernández de Cossío tweeted there is a long history of terrorist incidents committed by the US government against Cuba.

The US State Department included on Wednesday Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in its list of countries that 'do not fully cooperate' with its anti-terrorism efforts.

The document refers that grounded on such regulation; these States are not legible for buying foodstuffs nor defense items and services from the US.

The press noted Cuba had not been on that list since 2015, when the country was removed after having remained on it for 33 years

Cuba was now included again using as an excuse the presence of Colombia's National Liberation Army's members, among other pretexts.

(CubaMINREX - Prensa Latina)

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