The US blockade against Cuba is a crime!

21st of September 2018 
Swedish-Cuban Association statement 
The US blockade against Cuba is a crime! 
With a president like Donald Trump, the United States has of course a national emergency, and its more than a hundred years old TRADING WITH THE ENEMY ACT requires a national emergency in order to be applied.  
The 10th of September president Trump extended this law one more year by putting his name on a piece of paper, continuing the U.S. Empire’s vile politics of trying to sanction and blockade Cuba to submission. Submission to what? To the abysmal moral decadence and bankruptcy of the warmongers in the White House who are destroying our planet with greenhouse gases unlimited, and rains of bombs creating devastation, misery and pain, with only empire and war profits in their gun-sights.  
Absent morality and war crimes on one side. True humanism and a future for mankind on the other. Cuba that “Save the Children” declares is the best country for a child in Latin America to grow up in. Little Cuba that alone gives a third of all medical aid in the world. Cuba that sent over 250 doctors and other health professionals to defeat Ebola in West Africa. It is this Cuba that the people in power in the USA, through its intensified blockade, try their utmost to destroy!  
The US blockade against Cuba must be stopped!  The USA must return occupied Guantánamo to Cuba. We send our solidarity greetings to Cubans, North Americans and all people that are struggling for a just world! 
Swedish-Cuban Association Zoltan Tiroler, President Martin Österlin, Vice President, International Secre