US aggression against Cuba: frustration over success against Covid-19.

US aggression against Cuba: frustration over success against Covid-19.

Havana, Jun 11, 2020.-The director general of the United States Department of Cuba's Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández, stated that the US attacks on Cuba seem motivated by frustration as a result of Cuba's successes against Covid-19.

The diplomat Tweeted that the urgency of the US State Department and anti-Cuban politicians to impose punishments on Cuba seems motivated by the 'frustrating' fact 'that we are about to control the pandemic'.

Fernández stressed that Cuba's positive results have been achieved despite the efforts of the Trump administration to destroy it.

In contrast, he added, Covid-19 is out of control in the United States, where it is possible the death count will rise to 200,000 in the month of September.

While that is happening, Cuba is preparing for the recovery stage, thanks to its health system focused on saving lives and the contributions of the biotechnology industry, focused on protecting health and not profits.

This has allowed Cuba 'to complement the government's measures and the responsible actions of the people in facing the pandemic,' Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said.

The Cuban Council of Ministers approved on Wednesday the plan designed for the gradual recovery, of which government representatives will announce this Thursday details of the actions and the schedule, on the 'Mesa Redonda' TV and radio program.

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