"The United States Congress must vote for the end of the blockade", according to Malaysian journalist

Kuala Lumpur, November 20- The digital and printed edition of The Malay Mail newspaper published an article about Cuba, based on an interview with the Cuban ambassador by Dato Yew Men Lee, one of its directors and journalist last week.

Issues such as the death of the Commander in Chief, the journey of the Caravan of Freedom in 1959 and 2016 when he was returning to his origins to the Commander in Chief and the futility of the blockade were the issues addressed by the Cuban ambassador.

The journalist concludes that the United States Congress must vote for the lifting of the blockade because it has no reason to be and is a backwardness of the cold war.

The printed version of Malay Mail has an edition of 60,000 copies and is read online by a million people in Malaysia, in its online version.