United States’ cities against the blockade

The U.S. city of Detroit (Michigan) passed a resolution on February 5, urging Congress and President Donald Trump to lift the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba. It also urges the President to resume the rapprochement with the Island that was initiated during the previous Administration.

The document presented by Councilwoman Mary Sheffield and passed unanimously, calls upon President Trump to reestablish the U.S. diplomatic staff in Havana and to lift the restrictions imposed on American citizens that prevents them from traveling to Cuba.

With this action, there are now 11 cities that have adopted similar resolutions in support of improving bilateral relations between Havana and Washington. Beside Detroit, the cities of Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland and Sacramento (California), Helena (Montana), Brookline (Massachusetts), Hartford (Connecticut), Minneapolis and Saint Paul (Minnesota), and Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) have adopted similar resolutions.

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