Two Cuban dance teachers working successfully in Barbados

Hired by Praise Dance Academy, for the first time two Cuban teachers have been teaching girls and young Barbadians techniques in the modalities of classical ballet and contemporary dance. With a year of fruitful accumulated work, Laura Álvarez teaches classical ballet and has seen how her pupils progress, who in an international inter-school competition in which they recently participated in Havana were finalists. In the other hand, dancer Wendy Ferrer taught a short course in the modality of contemporary dance, during her stay in Barbados invited to participate in the Summer Camp organized by the Academy.

For both dance professionals, under a contract by D`Arte Agency of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, it has been a privilege to be able to teach young Barbadians who could have a promising future in the local cultural industry if they persist in this endeavor, with discipline and perseverance. When asked by a local journalist, Alvarez said that in Cuba dancing was a way of life and was completely integrated into the school's curriculum. She said that dancing was also a means to teach children about their identity and their history.

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