Turkish press highlights statement of Cuban Foreign Ministry against terrorism and political manipulation.

Ankara, June 2, 2020. Turkey's main press agency "Anadolu" released yesterday, in its platforms in English and Spanishand social media accounts,two substantive articles on the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs entitled "Cuba condemns terrorism and political manipulation”. Likewise, the digital news portal “Sol” reproduced almost completely the declaration and gave a strong boost to it.

The two Anadolu’s articles emphasized Cuba's strong rejection of its inclusion in the list of countries that do not cooperate with the United States' efforts against terrorism, a decision announced on May 13. In this sense, and as part of the extensive excerpts reproduced from the statement, both articles highlightedthat this list “is a unilateral and arbitrary listing without any base, authority or international support whatsoever which, as it is known, only aids to the intentions to defame and pressure countries refusing to bend to the will of the US government in their sovereign decisions”.

After ratifying that the main argument used by the US government was the presence in Cuban territory of members of the peace delegation of the Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN), the articles echoed, to a greater or lesser extent, the Cuban considerations against this fallacy.

For example, Anadolu in Spanish reproduced: “As it is widely known, the delegation to the peace talks of the National Liberation Army (ELN) of Colombia are in Cuba because Ecuador suddenly renounced to continue being the venue of such talks and, at the request of the Colombian government and the ELN, the venue for the peace process was transferred to Havana in May 2018. In other hand, Anadolu in English transcribed:"Due to the non-application of this (Rupture) Protocol, the members of the ELN peace delegation".

Later, on the platform in Spanish, it was confirmed that Havana assured that “the position of the Duque Government has been 'ungrateful' and that the accusations of the United States are unfounded,” after referring to the statements of the High Commissioner for the Peace of the Government of Colombia, Mr. Miguel Ceballos Arévalo.

Likewise, it was quoted:“There is concrete and, in some cases, very recent evidence of our bilateral collaboration with the United States in fighting terrorism and in joint law enforcement efforts and in actions of specific interest for the US, so the inclusion of Cuba in the list as announced by the State Department is a deliberate distortion of truth”.

Both articles and that one in “Sol” emphasized Cuba's position in support of peace in Colombia.

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