Tribute to Martí in Jakarta


Indonesia. 26th of January. On the occasion of commemorating this Sunday 28, the 165th anniversary of the birth of the Cuban national hero José Martí, the Cuban embassy in Jakarta celebrated an evening of homage. Among the present were the president of the Committee for Indonesian-Cuban Parliamentary Cooperation, Daryatmo Mardiyanto, the deputy director of the Directorate of America of Foreign Ministry Bernadeta J. Pratiwi, the vice president of the Indonesian-Cuba Darli Friendship Association, and students representing of seven of Jakarta´s universities.

 The central words of the commemoration were delivered by the ambassador Nirsia Castro and had the purpose of presenting the figure of the Cuban national hero  to the audience, with an exhibition of his life and work in which his patriotism, his anti-imperialism and the universality of his thought were highlighted. In her speech the Ambassador said : "Martin left his mark on history, not only because he led the war for the independence of Cuba, but also because he bequeathed humanity his ethical thought; the principles defended by him are valid for any society''.

In another part of her speech the ambassador explained to those present how Martí ´s  dream has materialized in the work of the Revolution headed by Fidel and mentioned that the principles of justice, equality and humanism of Marti have served as a guide to the Cuban revolutionary process.

The evening featured the presentation of the English version of some of the simple verses and the exhibition of a photographic exhibition of the apostle.