Tribute to Fidel in Jakarta

Jakarta. The Cuban Embassy in this capital paid tribute to the leader of the revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on the occasion of commemorating on November 25 the first anniversary of his death, with the screening of the documentary by director Roberto Chile, "Fidel es Fidel". Ambassadors and officials of the diplomatic corps, officials of the local chancellery and other entities, university students and representatives of the press media attended the screening held at the headquarters of the Russian Cultural Center.

In the presentation of the documentary, the Cuban Ambassador Nirsia Castro Guevara, in her speech referred to the universal dimension of the figure of Fidel, his projection as a statesman, his defense of the right of self-determination of peoples and decolonization, his respect for independence and the sovereignty of states, as well as his concern for the problems that threaten the human species. The ambassador highlighted the monumental work that is the Cuban revolution and the endearing bond of Fidel with his people, who identify him simply as Fidel or the Comandante. The presentation of the documentary was accompanied by the exhibition of photos of the revolutionary leader.