Tribute to Fidel Castro in Cambodian newspaper.

Phnom Penh, November 25, 2017. The Cambodian newspaper Rasmei Kampuchea highlighted the tribute offered to Fidel Castro at the Cuban Embassy in Cambodia. The newspaper offered details of the evening and reproduced the concept of Revolution expressed on May 1, 2000 by the Commander in Chief. The source also published the full text of the address of the Cuban Ambassador to those present, while pointing out that as said by the Diplomat "The commemoration was not to evoke a death but a fruitful life, a living legacy. "Fidel lives in every Country liberated in Africa, in the sight restored for millions of people, in the lives saved in Pakistan and Haiti, after the terrible earthquakes that devastated those countries; in every Cambodian graduated in Cuba", all fruit of his transcendental legacy.
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