Tribute to exemplary unionist and fraternal friend of the Cuban Revolution.

Tribute to exemplary unionist and fraternal friend of the Cuban Revolution.

Dublin, March 2, 2020. The Teachers Club was the venue chosen to celebrate the life of the prominent Irish trade union fighter Des Bonass, when Cuba's ambassador to Ireland, Hugo René Ramos Milanés had the opportunity to address the audience.

Bonass´s colleagues in several trade union struggles with excited words recalled the extraordinary work of his partner in defense of the rights of the working class in any corner of the planet and his political battle in defense of the legitimate rights of the peoples. For his merits he was recognized with the medal for the lifelong service to the trade union movement.

The Cuban ambassador said that Bonass will be remembered as the fraternal friend of the Cuban Revolution who actively practiced militant solidarity, led numerous trade union delegations to Cuba and participated in the events on Labor Day in Havana. He affirmed that, with certainty, as happened throughout his life, Bonnas's firm voice would be heard among the highest today condemning the resurgence of the Yankee criminal blockade against the Cuban people and the imposition of about a hundred arbitrary sanctions which pretend to render the sovereign will of Cuba.

The active participation of Bonass in the international campaign for the liberation of the Cuban Five Heroes was also evoked. Des, as his comrades remind him, was able to enjoy the success of that battle by receiving one of those Five Heroes in Dublin, comrade Fernando Gonzalez LLort, invited to visit Ireland in 2018, as President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples.

Des Bonass with Fernando Gonzalez Llort.



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