Tribute to Commander in Chief in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, November 28 - The Embassy of Cuba in Malaysia paid tribute today to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, at Help University, with the talk, "Fidel Castro’s spirit of solidarity”

The Cuban ambassador highlighted in her presentation how Fidel endorsed the Martian maxim that "motherland is humanity" to make the practice of international solidarity a central axis of Cuban foreign policy and how his commitment to the people led him to win goals that seemed impossible. She also stressed that thanks to the ideas of the Cuban leader and its implementation, Cuba has never been and will not be alone.

The ambassadors of Algeria, Namibia, Palestine, South Africa, Venezuela and Viet Nam, as well as a Malaysian graduate in Cuba, gave testimonies of the relationship of their countries with Cuba and of specific moments in which the solidarity of our country was present such as the elimination of apartheid, the independence of Namibia, the war in South Viet Nam, support for the Palestinian cause, contribution to social programs in Venezuela, aid to the Algerian health system and training of human resources that still takes place . The Ambassador of Algeria announced the decision of the government of his country to issue a commemorative stamp to mark the first anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Cuban leader.

A special moment was the intervention of Dr. Darren Singam, a graduate in Cuba who told those present that before traveling to Cuba he did not know the word solidarity and that he would be eternally grateful to the Commander in Chief and to Cuba for having given him the chance to experience it, he added that in the 21st century, no country has done what Cuba has done.

The director of the University made the conclusions of the event with praises to comrade Fidel for having been an indispensable leader in the history of humanity.

Attended the commemoration, representatives of Parliament, the direction of Americas of the Foreign Ministry, members of the Diplomatic Corps, students and professors of the university and Cuban residents in the country.