Swedish-Cuban Association Declaration - 26 July 2020

Swedish-Cuban Association Declaration - 26 July 2020
The Swedish-Cuban Association sends its warmest greetings of solidarity to the
Cuban people on this July 26th, the day the rebellion was launched
against the dictatorship in 1953.
The spirit of Moncada is with us and is so necessary today in our struggle
against the desperate reactionary behavior of U.S. rulers and
his accomplices. Showing a complete lack of respect for decency and
humanity, the president of the United States takes every possible step to
increase the U.S. blockade against Cuba, and it also increases its efforts
to quell Venezuela, intimidating other nations and turning to
confrontation rather than cooperation for the common good that is so vitally
especially in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Henry Reeve medical brigades, who are battling the pandemic in more
35 countries, show all humanity the human values of solidarity
give us hope for the future.
Here in Sweden we have many preparations for our forthcoming efforts to
solidarity with Cuba and against the blockade. We support the projects of the
Europe. We are organizing; Send a container to Cuba! The events of the
Race for Peace in many Swedish cities will raise funds for
Palestinian women's organizations and funding for the Medicines Campaign
for Cuba of the Swedish-Cuban Association. We support the demand that
Henry Reeve Brigades receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
Together with solidarity organisations across Europe, we will contribute to the
Unlock Cuba campaign! in relation to the United Nations vote
later this year. We need to get as far as people here in Sweden as possible and
we look forward to intensifying our Nordic and European cooperation together with our
solidarity friends in Cuba.
Long live Cuba!
Long live Moncada!
Down with the blockade!
Zoltan Tiroler, President
Martin Asterlin, International Secretary

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