Successfully held the first Cuba - Iran Business Forum.

Tehran, August 10, 2019. With the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce of the Islamic Republic of Iran and in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two nations, the first Cuba-Iran Business Forum was held.
Chaired by the Cuban Ambassador to Iran, Alexis Bandrich and the vice president of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Hossein Selahvarzi, the Forum raised high expectations and became a space to be replicated in the multiple chambers of commerce of the Iranian provinces.
The Forum was attended by representatives from around 60 Persian companies interested in the development of bilateral trade relations, which were given vast information that included the portfolio of opportunities, the entire regulatory legal framework for investments in Cuba, details about the Mariel Special Development Zone and the call for the next edition of the Havana International Fair to be held this November, all that aroused an avid interest among those present.
During the event, Ambassador Bandrich made a concise account of the history of the economic ties that both countries have sustained in these 40 years, while reiterating the common will to expand and deepen them in tune with the existing close political relations and affections between our peoples and governments.
The space was conducive to denouncing once again the resurgence of the genocidal blockade that the United States government submits to Cuba, as well as the recent enforcement of Chapter III of the Helms Burton Act.
Attendees agreed to point to the sanctions imposed by the United States against both nations, as an opportunity for the identification of common interests in the field of trade and cooperation.
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