Statement of the Cuban Medical Brigade in The Gambia to greet the International Workers´ Day

On the occasion of May 1st , the Cuban Medical Brigade (CMB) inThe Gambia joins the tribute that its people will do to allmen and women in the health and science sector that todaycombat the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, and especiallyour colleagues from the Caribbean island, the Gambians and theAfricans.

From our places of residence and the hospitals in whichwe provide healthcare in this African nation,we will celebrate the International Workers' Day with the conviction that together we will overthrow the new coronavirus that plagues thehumanity, and that has caused thousands of losses of human lives.

This May 1st, those who inall corners of planet earth fight in the first trench,or on the so-called red line, to finally end thepandemic deserve our gratitude and gratefulness.

Cuba, always in solidarity, currently has Medical Brigades in 61countries, 30 of them in Africa, all directly assistingpatients affected by Covid19, or willing to actwhen necessary.

Despite the prolonged and heightened blockade imposed by United States, the largest of the Antilles has sent doctors and technical assistance staff to more than twenty nations in Europe,Latin America and this continent, whose governments have requestedhelps in the difficult times we face.

As President Donald Trump's regime insists onincreasingly enclose  Cuba, the Island of Dignity continues to be more supportive, healing the sick and saving lives anywherecorner of the world.

As the US encourages wars, imposes blockades and sanctions onother nations, Cuba defends peace, brotherhood andcooperation between peoples, and the fundamental human right toreceive free medical care.

The CMB in The Gambia strongly condemns the genocidal economic, commercial and financial war that Washington imposes onCuba, ignoring the unanimous rejection of the international communityto that aggressive policy.

The leader of our Revolution, Fidel Castro, stated: “Doctors and not bombs!"

Today humanity needs this to survive.

Live on May 1st





Ever onward to victory


Banjul, April 30, 2020

Cuban Medical Brigade in The Gambia





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