Sri Lankan Minister of Water Supply receives Cuban Ambassador

SRI LANKA, September 21, 2020. - The Honorable Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Member of Parliament and Minister of Water Supply of Sri Lanka, received the Ambassador of Cuba, Juana Elena Ramos Rodriguez, at the headquarters of that Ministry.

Both parties highlighted the historical friendship relations between the two peoples and governments and exchanged on various issues of bilateral interest. They also exchanged about the experiences of both countries in facing the COVID 19 pandemic.

Minister Nanayakkara recognized the solidarity work of Cuba towards other countries in the health sector, at the same time that he was interested in the advances of science in our country. He congratulated Cuba for already having a vaccine candidate against COVID 19, the first in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The Cuban Ambassador congratulates him on his re-election to Parliament and appointment as Minister of Water Supply, while thanking him for his permanent solidarity with Cuba.

The Hon. Vasudeva Nanayakkara is also the leader of the party “Democratic Left Front”.


(Embacuba Sri Lanka)


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