Speech by the President of the Councils of State and Ministers of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, at the close of the Third Extraordinary Session of the IX Legislature of the National Assembly of People's Power

As in the Third Extraordinary Session of the IX Legislature of the National Assembly of People's Power, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, president of the Councils of the United States and Ministers, which is impossible to do. Constitution.

He quoted Marti when you wrote about the glorious days in the history of the country, and recognizing that it is impossible to find the most perfect things that the apostle to talk about this event.

Neither Cuba nor history will forget the events of April 10, he said, as it did not happen with the facts, 150 years ago. And the fact of having been among the first in the war, has also been the first to insist on respect for the Law.

Only this April 10, he recalled, we did not have to discuss, as the founding fathers, but to proclaim.
There were also no contradictions about the use of the flag, or claims about the participation of women, because Ana Betancourt, Vilma Espin, women are more important in Parliament and everything important in society.

The Constitution that proclaims, he asserted, has a great history, and in his words he made a tour of all the constitutions that have preceded. In the words of Díaz-Canel, the Constitution is robust, it was nourished by the history and the broad popular consultation with the majority of the people, the same as the ratification in the referendum.

It was also reiterated that Cuba has an enemy always on the lookout. The empire of the threat with the launching of Cuba, he asserted, and the fact that it meets the measures that adjust to aggressiveness. We are passionate about history, it is true, he stressed it, and if we go back to it.

The current administration, manifested, has proclaimed its intention to destroy any manifestation different from its brutal capitalism and against Venezuela a fund has been used. The novelty, he added, is in the tactics of unconventional warfare.

The empire literally cuts off light and water. Hypocrites, criminals, there is no other way to define who tries to destroy the Venezuelan people, he said.

Diaz-Canel warned that we can not underestimate the escalation of attacks and denounced that it has grown.

The law of slavery is as it should be called, he emphasized. But what is that Law, he questioned, but the blockade of 60 years converted into Law. Diaz-Canel also recalled the words of the Army General, who has alerted us about the intention of the United States to close the siege to Cuba and that is why access to credit and other issues are impeded.

However, internally, he criticized, we drag the lack of savings, administrative inefficiencies, breaches of exports, as well as manifestations of illegalities and corruption, which are incompatible with the Revolution.

Faced with this scenario, he stressed, history teaches us that when there is unity of objectives and nation, all obstacles can be taken down. The Cuban president also pointed out the two fundamental priorities of the country: preparation for the defense and the economic battle. That philosophy moves us when we direct reflection and debate on economic issues, he said.

He stressed that having addressed the Assembly in the implementation of the Guidelines is of great importance not only to clarify the intensity of the work, but to gain clarity about the complexity of what has been done, what remains to be done, and to correct the mistakes.

Only in 2018, of the 206 policies approved since the sixth party congress, some 47 were approved and the rates of implementation increased, which accounts for the organization and participation of the State Central Administration Bodies, the Cuban President said. .

A permanent monitoring of the Party and the government to the programs has allowed us to correct ourselves and avoid the repetition of errors, as indicated by the First Secretary of the Party, he emphasized.

He called attention to the need for jurists involved from the very conception of the same policies in the design of legal rules so that they are consistent with the fundamental objectives and protect the state on the distortions that may be generated by voluntarism and the improvisation

We are obliged to streamline the processes to a maximum, defining routes and implementation schedules well, which we have not yet achieved, he said.

With equal emphasis, he said, Parliament has examined the formulation and analysis of the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2030.

He explained that the objective analysis of the current conditions of the country and the international environment has led us to propose a planning of the economy in three stages: 2019-2021; 2022-2026; 2027-2030.

However, the president said, the current situation demands realism that we face additional difficulties that can be aggravated, so we focus on the first stage.

For this, he said, the six strategic sectors with the greatest impact on the economy have been identified, which will focus efforts and resources without neglecting the rest: tourism, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, electro-energy related to renewable and energy sources, the production of food, the export of professional services and construction.

"In a good Cuban, the crudity of the moment requires us to establish clear and defined priorities so as not to return to the moments of the special period. Today we have as strengths a more diversified and internationally inserted economy, tourist development and the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry, more potential for exports, higher construction capacities, hydraulic networks, transportation and communications and reserves in savings and import substitution that is I need to take more advantage ».

In this sense, Díaz -Canel stressed the relevance of developing a more efficient government administration and public administration with fewer obstacles and bureaucracy, greater transparency and participation, a direct and permanent link with the social base, a more effective social communication and computerization , more scientific research based on the demands and needs, and a more active role and greater impact of universities in the economy and production.

He reiterated that with the strengthening of the socialist state enterprise, which is our greatest productive force, with attentive listening to those who have knowledge and experiences to contribute, with constant visits to the territories and communities, a deep and agile legislative exercise, greater autonomy for the municipalities and a systematic follow-up to those who insure the development programs, can take away every day "a bit to the problems, without fear of change, taking advantage of the strengths of the collective leadership and fulfilling the orientations of our Party".

He also called on the people to wage a permanent ethical battle against corruption and illegalities.

He said that ordering and strengthening the forms of non-state management, revitalizing communities, installing beauty and culture of detail as a way of life, giving account to the people and stimulating their indispensable participation in the solution of each problem, systematizing best practices, overcoming the inertia of the tired, infecting enthusiasm and optimism to those engaged, it is possible to move forward.

Although the list of tasks is infinite, the President stopped at those urgent ones that require immediate actions: the updating of the economic plan for the most complex situations, with economic measures that correspond to the demands and needs of the country, the reorganization of internal trade, the operation of the business system, agricultural and non-agricultural cooperatives and self-employment; agriculture, exportable productions, and tourism, import substitution, foreign investment and productive linkage; they will be at the center of priorities.

Saving and controlling resources, mainly energy resources, so that their use contributes to higher returns is in this essential purpose, he said.

In his speech he said that it is essential to take advantage of the full potential of human resources and qualified force that assured that we will continue advancing in computerization, in activities that are of benefit to the people as the supply of resources and services, in transportation, housing , even in the midst of financial persecutions that prevent access to goods and services of first necessity.

Diaz Canel said months and perhaps years of intense waiting for this legislature, to work quickly in order to approve the laws necessary for the Constitution to function fully and to be expressed in tune with the realities and needs of society .

We assume this mandate with the task of changing everything that should be changed and everything that hinders the road to prosperity, in the shortest time, he said, while stressing that we will not change the attitude towards those who hold the sword against us.

Cuba continues to trust in its strength and dignity and in that of other sovereign and independent nations, also in the American people, he said.

Regarding the Helms Burton law, he said that there are no differences in the chapters and stressed that Cubans do not accept that foreign laws dictate our destinies, "in Cuba we send Cubans and Cubans."

To conclude, the Cuban President quoted the phrase with which the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, concluded the speech before a concentration of workers, on April 11, 1959:

"Our people will be so much bigger the bigger the obstacles before them; more history will speak of our people the more difficulties they have to overcome; more justice will make the future the more it is slandered today, and can only be said that here a society was organized where all the peoples of the world could come to learn what was justice, what was democracy, and who knew how to defend it and how to sustain it , and, although we do not know what fate has in store for us, we do have the certainty to say that our Revolution will triumph because we will know how to defend it, or that our people will perish if it is necessary to perish to defend it. "

Defend those convictions in mass demonstrations on May 1, we will see in the squares of the homeland, concluded visibly moved.

(Embacuba Austria)

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