Speech delivered by Ambassador Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios in the commemorative event on the occasion of the first anniversary of the passing of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz


I wish to thank OKG, the Austria-Cuba Friendship Association and “Cubava”, the Association of Cuban Residents for the organization and support in this soirée which pays tribute to the Commander in Chief and Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz in the first anniversary of his journey to immortality.

We have learning how to walk without his physical presence for a year, however, he taught us: “To be revolutionary is also an attitude towards life, being revolutionary is also an attitude to the existing reality” That is why, as we are revolutionaries, we continue his legacy having his enduring example.  

We pay tribute in Vienna and the entire world in November to Fidel, the one that we met and accompanied in his long struggle, to Fidel of the oppressed and poor people of this world, to Fidel of those who never give up and keep fighting, to Fidel of every corner in the world, to Fidel who has a place in history as a symbol of resistance and dignity, the Fidel who with his exemplar fed the dreams of freedom and justice of millions and millions of men and women around the world.

Fidel dedicated his live to solidarity and the never ending search for social justice. Following the footsteps of Bolivar and Martí, he, along with el Ché and a group of young rebels, rallied an entire people longing for freedom and defeated the brutal Batista´s tyranny and forged the most profound and radical Revolution of our times, a symbol of resistance and dignity, and also a symbol of the anti-colonialist and anti-apartheid struggle, for the emancipation of the peoples of the world.

Fidel is enshrined in every Cuban, every worthy men and women of this Universe. His work since the triumph of the Revolution was dedicated to the people: the Agrarian Reform, the Nationalization of the country´s wealth, the Literacy Campaign and the incessant task of creating a “new man” capable of transforming the society on the basis of a profound scientific knowledge.

The outcomes of this society are valued and recognized in the whole world and they explain how a poor and developing country, surrounded by a rigid blockade which lasts more than five decades, has achieved education and public health standards comparable to the first world.

Fidel devoted his life to the socialist revolution of the humble, by the humble and for the humble. Until his last breath he was carrying on political functions as a consciousness mobilizer and ideas combatant.

When he delegated his functions as Chief of State and Government, for health issues, he continued with his “Reflexiones” (Reflexions) in his mission as a revolutionary politician, acute analyst, foreseer and mobilizer of the national and international public opinion.

Along with his fighting spirit, he imprinted in us his vocation towards the study, the research, towards knowing and teaching, in order to understand the world and be able to transform it. He was beyond a shadow of a doubt a man of science and faithful defender of the truth.

As in life he guided us through definitions and paths. His passing was the firewall no one could pass unnoticed. There is neither a perfect human being, nor a Revolution that has no opponents. Otherwise, we would not be humans nor we would have Revolutions. Fidel and the Cuban Revolution have transcended the boundaries of time and space.

President Raúl Castro summarized that: “Fidel´s eternal lesson is that Sí se puede (Yes, it´s possible), that man is capable of overcoming the most adverse conditions as long as his will to win remains unbeaten”.

Commander Hugo Chávez said of him: “Fidel is a giant, one of the last of the 20th century. He is so clever that he transcended to the 21st century (...) Fidel will go to the 22nd or 23rd century because he is one of those beings that will never die”.

We will keep fighting for the values he always defended, the highest values, those of the Homeland and the Revolution: justice, equality and dignity.

We will remain faithful to his convictions that the Cuban people while working with fervor and dignity will beat!

Fidel, today we say to you: It was possible, it´s possible and it will be possible!

 To eternity, Commander!

Long life to Fidel!

Long life to the Cuban Revolution!

(Embacuba Austria / Cubaminrex)