Speech by the Cuban Ambassador to Guyana, H.E. Julio César González Marchante, in the Commemorative Ceremony for the 41st Anniversary of the Crime of Barbados. Monument at the University of Guyana. October 6th, 2017.

President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Brigadier David Arthur Granger.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo.

Members of the Government, Parliament and other Institutions. 

Members of the Diplomatic Corps.

Members of the Solidarity Movement with Cuba in Guyana, Members of the Association of Cuban Residents.

Members of the Cuban State Mission.

Members of the Media.

Relatives, friends,

Distinguished guests.

Today we commemorate the 41st Anniversary of the horrendous terrorist act committed against a civil aircraft of Cubana de Aviación that killed 73 people on board, 57 Cubans, 11 Guyanese and 5 North Koreans.


The perpetrators of the vandal act, who placed an explosive charge that destroyed the aircraft in mid-flight a few minutes after taking off from Barbados airport, enjoy impunity and protection in The United States territory, despite their proven links with the Central Intelligence Agency of that country.


Out of the Guyanese group, six had been selected to study medicine in Cuba, thus losing people who would precisely be trained to save lives. The North Koreans, representatives of a besieged people, were making a trip of friendship around Latin America. The Cubans were young compatriots whose average age was barely 30 years old; however, they had a rich history of contribution to study, to work, to sport and to the Revolution. Among them was the captain of the aircraft who was a National Hero of Work, others had been decorated with the XX Anniversary Medal. Several of the crew had provided various international services and the athletes had won all the gold medals in the regional fencing competitions that had just been held in Caracas. They were humble workers or students and athletes who fulfilled with modesty and dedication the tasks assigned by their homeland.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

We had memory. All of us, and especially the new generations, must know the truth of how the evil against Cuba and other nations of the hemisphere were articulated in those times.


The terrorist act was a shocking fact in a region where some nations had decided courageously to establish relations with Cuba exercising their right to national independence and sovereignty, they were Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana.


International battles were fought, such as the fight against the opprobrious Apartheid in South Africa and an active role in the Non-Aligned Movement, as well as against the criminal blockade imposed on Cuba, which has lasted more than five decades, among other actions, which did not please neither that US administration nor the successive ones that continued to promote terrorism to destroy the Cuban Revolution and other independent nations.


The policy of terrorism perpetrated against Cuba from abroad is responsible for the mourning and pain of many Cuban families, as well as for the destruction and damage of people’s property and facilities. The balance includes 3,478 dead and 2,099 disabled. For that remembrance, Cuba decreed October 6th the Day of Victims of State Terrorism due to the abominable crime committed on that date in 1976.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

The execution of numerous criminal acts and sabotage, as well as the use of mercenaries, have been proven, not only against Cuba, but also against other countries considered friends of ours.


The Senate of The United States itself publicly acknowledged the CIA's countless schemes to assassinate the leaders of the Cuban Revolution and its dedication to that task for several years.


Cuba rejects double standards and unilateral actions contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and to the principles and norms of international law.


May serve this commemoration to reiterate Cuba's unwavering will to fight against terrorism and to express its firmest rejection and condemnation of all terrorist acts, methods and practices in all its forms and manifestations, regardless of their motivations, including those in which there are States directly or indirectly involved.


Cuba, in compliance with the 18 international conventions related to terrorism of which it is a State Party, has implemented relevant legal measures, such as the Law 93 against acts of terrorism.


The Cuban government has never allowed, nor ever will, the use of its national territory to carry out, plan, encourage, cover up or finance acts of terrorism against any other State, without exception of any kind.


Cuba strongly supports the collective efforts of the United Nations against terrorism and reaffirms multilateral and bilateral cooperation to that end. Terrorism affects international efforts in favor of Disarmament and a world of peace, and does not agree with the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, made by the Heads of State and Government of this region, on the occasion of the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States CELAC, held in January 2014, in Havana, Cuba.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

Cuba recognizes that much remains to be done in the fight against terrorism. The international community must take concrete steps towards the adoption of a General Convention on this scourge to define it in its entirety.


Likewise, we must face the causes and conditions that can boost it, such as poverty, inequality, insalubrity, illiteracy, discrimination, the hegemonic appetite for domination, and other factors.


The States are called upon to fulfill their international obligations without double standards including the prosecution and extradition of all terrorists, without exception.


The Cuban people demands to put an end to the impunity still enjoyed by the terrorist responsible for the mid-flight explosion of a Cubana de Aviación aircraft on October 6, 1976, which resulted in the death of its 73 occupants.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

The most sincere recognition to the Guyanese authorities and people for this commemoration. For having erected this monument in remembrance to the victims of the terrorist act, which also constitutes a stimulus in the battle that together we wage against this scourge.


One day as today our convictions are reaffirmed in the strength of patriotism and internationalism, bastions of the struggle of honest and worthy men of this world and guarantee of a victorious future.


Our crew, athletes and compatriots cowardly killed that day will continue to live forever in the hearts of our people and will continue to be an inspiration in the battle against terrorism and for a more revolutionary, socialist and internationalist homeland.


To the relatives and compatriots of the Guyanese and North Korean brothers who were cowardly killed, know that they too will continue to be eternally present in our fervent memory; and by reminding us that the crimes of imperialism have no borders, they will spur us on our common struggle.


The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, in solemn act to the victims of such a cowardly action expressed:


"We can not say that the pain is shared. The pain multiplies. Millions of Cubans today weep along with the loved ones of the victims of the abominable crime. And when an energetic and virile people weeps, injustice trembles!


And this legacy is a beacon and guide, because in this fight against terrorism we will surely win!   


I thank you.

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