The Special Electoral Commission was established in Barbados for the celebration of the Constitutional Referendum

The Commission after taking the oath of office

On the afternoon of Saturday, January 12, 2019, the electorate of Cubans met in Barbados and proceeded to install the Special Electoral Commission of that constituency for the Constitutional Referendum, whose vote must be held next Sunday, February 17, which was installed and made the oath of office before the electorate.

They members of the Electoral Commission of Circumscription are the following:

President: Sergio de Jesús Jorge Pastrana

Secretary: Liliana María Wong Servio

Vocal: Olegario Isaac Oliva Bacallao.

The act had the solemnity and the conscious participation according to the circumstances of the high responsibility of initiating the process of citizen approval of the new magna carta of the nation and had the enthusiastic participation of all registered voters.