Speaker of the Gambian parliament receives the Ambassador of Cuba

Speaker of the National Assembly of The Gambia receives Ambassador of Cuba

Gambia, May 16, 2017. - The Speaker of the National Assembly of The Gambia, Honorable Mariam Jack Denton, received the Cuban ambassador in that country, Lázaro Herrera Martínez, at the headquarters of parliament on Tuesday, May 16.

During the meeting, which took place in a friendly atmosphere, there was a broad exchange of information on the functioning of the respective legislative bodies, the possibilities for exchanging experiences and the mutual interest and readiness to continue strengthening parliamentary ties. In that sense, Ms. Jack Denton was interested in learning more about the Cuban parliamentary experience and about the successes achieved by Cuba in different spheres.

Likewise, the legislator highly valued the assistance provided by Cuba to her country, especially in the field of health, despite the difficulties the island has
faced for several decades.

The Cuban ambassador emphasized the persistence of the blockade against Cuba, despite the establishment of diplomatic relations and some measures taken by former President Barak Obama and he gave examples of the extraterritorial nature of that policy, which hinders development and the investment process of the island and has caused it multi-million dollar losses. He thanked Gambia for supporting Cuba in the battle for its elimination.

Also present at the meeting was Mr. Dodou CM Kebbeh, Clerk of the National Assembly.

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