Solidarity Movement bid a fraternal farewell to Cuban Ambassador and Consul

The enthusiasm and the numerous messages of friendship and brotherhood received in the name of our government, organizations and people in general were overflowing and contagious. For obvious reasons, the mutual gratitude, the exaltation to the virtues of the progressive and revolutionary thought of the large group of friends of the Cuban Revolution was concentrated. It has been an immense pleasure and an infinite pride that filled us with so many beautiful phrases, just for being humble representatives of that Cuban Revolution that is so big and generous. In moments like these we reaffirm ourselves more in the legacy of Fidel and Martí. All the glory of the world fits in a grain of corn, Fidel confessed to the world, as the best disciple of Martí.

Under that premise, it is impossible - besides that it would be an act of unforgivable selfishness - not to share some ideas of the most beloved friends of Cuba; that's not counting the cultural expressions, which are authentic jewels of the Caribbean heritage. Honor, honor!

David Denny, for the Association of Friendship and Yaima Payne, for the Association of Cuban Residents, two organizations that were born together, expressed their pride and gratitude for being welcomed as part of the work of the Revolution; Denny illustrated it with the Friendship Medal bestowed on his chest. The most veteran fighter, Bobby Clarke, could not avoid his historical approach by proclaiming that everything we share today is the product of Fidel's legacy. Lalu Hanuman, who leads the solidarity with the Palestinian people, exalted the perennial presence of Cuba in support of this noble struggle.

David Comissiong, leader of the Clement Payne Movement and today Ambassador of his country to CARICOM and the AEC, reflected on the profound dimension of Cuban revolutionary diplomacy from which he has drunk to nourish his life, since he has known and worked with all Cuban Ambassadors in his country. Onkphra Wells proclaimed his unconditional solidarity with Cuba and highlighted his undisputed legacy in the liberation of Africa.

Dr. Tennyson Joseph expressed his gratitude for the University to be part of the cultural and academic exchanges with Cuba and for him to be able to participate in the Caribbean Peace Movement and in the Caribbean Chapter of the Network in Defence of Humanity.

Trevor Prescod, President of the Israel Lovel Foundation, an essential activist of panafricanism, highlighted the victorious example of the Cuban Revolution even its diplomatic service of high standards and his remarkable experiences with Cuba as a Barbadian politician and parliamentarian.

Iconic artists like Addisa "Aja", Adrian Green and Winston Farrell shared their pleasure for being part of the efforts in the cultural integration of the Caribbean, having Cuba in the forefront. Other friends like Mona Alleyne, Philip Springer acknowledge the presence and contribution of Cuba in Barbados in areas such as sports, education, health, with the recent agreements to introduce the Cuban biotech products for the benefit of the Barbadian people.

Yaima Payne, who is presiding over the Association of Cuban Residents, an organization that emerged together with the Barbadian solidarity movement, spoke on behalf of its membership to highlight how proud they all are of being part of this distinct group of Cuban friends, recognizing the special opportunity that they have today to participate together with the Cuban people in the process of modification of our new Constitution.

We acknowledged all these manifestations of solidarity, pointing out that our Great Caribbean will be stronger and unbeatable when all of our sister nations be able to march in unity, like Martí called for our peoples... to do the same that the Caribbean Sea is doing under the surface... to have us as a whole!!!

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