Solidarity campaign with Cuba is launched in Canada

Ottawa, January 8, 2021 - The Canadian Network on Cuba launched today a fundraising campaign, aimed at sending a donation of medical supplies to Cuba.

In its statement, the organization recognizes the distinguished accomplishments achieved by our country in the health sector and its medical aid to other countries, even at a time when Cuba is facing a double pandemic: the COVID-19 and the US blockade, which has been strengthened preventing the acquisition of medicines and equipment needed to fight the current health emergency affecting the world.

The Canadian Network on Cuba has organized several campaigns in recent years. Among them, its support to recovery efforts for damages caused by natural disasters on the island and, more recently, to the commendable work of the Henry Reeve medical brigades against the COVID-19 pandemic in several countries, as well as to Cuban baseball, stand out.

For more information about this campaign, you can visit:

Embassy of Cuba in Canada 



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