Resumption of in-person consular services by prior appointment at the General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto

Toronto, July 28, 2020.- Given the evolution of the epidemiological situation by COVID19 in the province of Ontario and the adoption of measures by the provincial government to resume a group of activities, the General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto informs that, starting Tuesday, August 4, in-person consular procedures will be gradually resumed, by the prior appointment of those interested.

In-person services will be offered Tuesday and Thursday, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, always by prior appointment, which can be arranged via email Users can find out about the requirements and fees for consular services (available on our website which will allow you to be assisted faster upon your arrival while helping to reduce the time you spend in our office. We reiterate that the payment of the services will be exclusively through the INTERAC Debit Card, Money Order or certified bank check payable to the Consulate of Cuba.

Due to the existence of active cases of COVID-19, the protection of users requiring services, as well as consular staff, will continue to be a priority. In this regard, the General Consulate will adopt a set of sanitary measures, which must be complied with by visitors to access our facilities following the guidelines established by the administration of the building in which the office is located:

  • The use of a face mask is required to enter the building and the Consulate
  • You must refrain from going to the consular office if you have symptoms of fever, cough or any other respiratory symptom that may be associated with COVID 19.
  • Hands must be sanitized with hand sanitizer or other means that will be available at our office.
  • Only the user who will receive the service will be allowed to enter, and the temperature will be taken upon entering the Consulate. Any companion must wait outside of the building, except for minors or people with disabilities. Pets will not be allowed, except for guide dogs for disabled people.
  • Only 6 people may stay in the waiting room, designed to maintain the recommended physical distance between users.

For those consular procedures that do not require physical presence, the General Consulate will continue to provide services preferably through the postal service, to avoid greater risks to the current epidemiological situation.

We appreciate the understanding and collaboration of our users and urge them to comply with the indicated requirements, to contribute to the protection and health of all.

General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto


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