Representatives of the health system in Sweden address a message to Swedish MEPs in supporting of Cuba

Stockholm, Sweden 2021-09-15
To the Swedish representatives in EU and to whom it may concern
Dear EU politician!
Since 2001 we have an interchange with colleagues, doctors and psychologists in Cuba. We were happy when Sweden signed the Memorandum between Cuba and Sweden.
Cuba´s wellbeing is very important to us.

Soon it became evident that lobbyists against the EU – Cuba Memorandum were , and still are, active in the EU parliament. The lobbyists are strong opponents of the agreement that normalizes the relations between Cuba and EU. An agreement that respects Cuba as a sovereign nation. These forces want to sabotage the agreement following the policies of the White House. Here goes:

A right-wing group in the EU-parliament wants EU to condemn Cuba, based on the recent demonstrations in the island. This is hypocrisy of unparalleled proportions. In Cuba a few thousand people protested hardships in the country. Hardships which to a great extent are the result of the US blockade, a blockade exacerbated with 243 new sanctions by the Trump administration, none of which has been removed by President Biden.

The blockade also affects other countries that want to trade with Cuba and their citizens who want to have contact with Cuba as tourists, artists, scientists. Consider the irony: EU representatives cannot travel to Cuba - precisely because the EU travel agency is following the rules of US blockade!

Nota bene! The Cuban protesters were not met by armed police, tear gas, armored vehicles and gun fire. Instead, the Cuban president and other government officials took to the streets to meet the protesters and to hear their grievances. Only violence and vandalism were handled by the police.

Compare the Cuban protests with the huge demonstrations in Brazil, Chile and Colombia going on for months when hundreds of people were killed or injured. In Chile many were shot in the eyes by the security forces. The Global Witness and AFP report that last year, 65 environment activists were murdered in Colombia and hundreds of political motivated murders were committed.

What does the EU parliament say and do about these atrocities? Nothing.

If EU care about the well-being of the Cubans, act forcefully against the blockade, the worst violation of the Cuban people’s human rights.
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Demands are growing around the world for normalized and friendly relations with Cuba in accordance with the annual vote in the UN General Assembly, on an end to media campaigns against Cuba and an end to US and its allies subversive activities in Cuba.

Please - in the name of justice - vote NO to the resolution condemning Cuba!

Sincerely yours,
Professor Infectious Diseases
Clinical psychologist Dependency disorders

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