Principal Secretary of Kenyan Chancellery spoke with Cuban Ambassador.

Nairobi, October 18. The Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Kenya, Monica Juma, received today at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry the Cuban Ambassador in this African country, Ernesto Gómez Díaz, who paid on her a courtesy call.

The Cuban diplomat handed over to the Kenyan high official a letter from his Cuban counterpart, First Deputy Foreign Minister, Marcelino Medina Gonzalez. The Ambassador further explained Cuba's efforts to reverse the damage caused by Hurricane Irma and how these efforts are affected by the US blockade against the island.

Referring to bilateral relations, the Principal Secretary commended the good progress and reaffirmed her country's willingness to increase and diversify cooperation relations, while reiterating Kenya's support for the struggle to lift the blockade. Monica remembered with pleasure her stay in Cuba last year.

During the cordial meeting, both interlocutors addressed other issues on the national and international agenda, in particular the preparations for holding the presidential elections here on 26 October; and the negative effects that climate change has been provoking all over the world, especially in Cuba and Kenya.

Embacuba Kenya.


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