Prime Minister of Belize met Ambassador of Cuba.

Belize November 15, 2017. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize who met today the Ambassador of Cuba, Lissette Pérez, ratified the solidarity and support of his government to Cuba in the battle against the blockade imposed by the United States for almost 60 years.

The Belizean PM confirmed his nation´s recognition of Cuba´s contributions to Belize in the fields of health and human resources training. This year the Cuba´s cooperation is fulfilling 27 years of uninterrupted work in both fields, with a significant impact on the levels of assistance to the population of the sister nation.

Barrow acknowledged the willingness of both countries to expand economic-trade relations, expressed into the participation of Belizean companies in the main International Trade Fair of Cuba (FIHAV-2017) just concluded. He also positively evaluated Cuba's effort to promote multi-destination tourism in the region.

During the fraternal exchange, which takes place in the context of the tributes that will take place Belize to the memory of the late leader of the Cuban revolution Fidel Castro on the first anniversary of his passing, Barrow recalled the role played by Fidel in promoting relations with Belize and with all the CARICOM countries.

Ambassador Perez thanked the government and the people of Belize for their support to Cuba in the battle against the blockade, which was revealed when, last November 1, once again, Belize joined the majority of the international community, and in the context of the 72 UN General Assembly in the United Nations voted in favor of the Cuban resolution "Necessity to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba."



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