Press Release: Cuba rejects double standards and political manipulation in the Human Rights Council.

New York, November 2, 2017."The Human Rights Council was the result of the need to face double standards, confrontation and political manipulation that characterized the now extinct Human Rights Commission," said the Representative of Cuba, Ambassador. Ileydis L. Valiente Díaz, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs of the General Division for Multilateral Affairs and International Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba,during the Presentation of the Report of the Human Rights Council to the UN General Assembly. She also strongly rejected the reintroduction in the Council of the negative practices that discredited the Human Rights Commission.

The Cuban ambassador pointed out Cuba's concern about the tendency to impose selectivity and double standards in the consideration of human rights situations in such body, and called for the cessation of political manipulation in the treatment of country situations, when cooperation and respectful dialogue should guide the work of this body.

She recognized the Universal Periodic Review as the only universal mechanism for the comprehensive analysis of the human rights situation in all countries, since it has been demonstrated that it constitutes a means for international cooperation on human rights based on constructive dialogue and respect for the principles of universality, objectivity, impartiality and non-selectivity.

The Cuban diplomat also stressed that as long as an unjust and excluding international economic and political order persists, the Council must continue to declare itself to be in favor of a democratic and equitable international order; and as long as unilateral coercive measures are imposed and blockades such as the one imposed on Cuba for more than 55 years are maintained, the Council must reject and demand the end of these practices.

She concluded by ratifying Cuba's firm commitment to the promotion and respect of all human rights for all. She also reiterated the will of the country to continue working in the promotion of the rights of peoples to self-determination, peace and development, as well as to the realization of the right to adequate food, to the establishment of a democratic and equitable international order, to the fight against racism, xenophobia and all forms of discrimination, and to the realization of cultural rights and respect for diversity.

Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations

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