Press Release: Cuba calls on the international community to pay off the historical debt to Palestine.

New York, November 30, 2017."It is time to pay off the historical debt to the State of Palestine and to restore the inalienable rights of its people, violated by Israel for half a century of occupation (...)" stated Cuban Ambassador Humberto Rivero Rosario, at the general debate on Item 38 "The Question of Palestine" and item 37 "The Situation in the Middle East", of the Agenda of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly.

The Cuban diplomat expressed deep concern about the situation in the Middle East region, devastated by violence, interference in internal affairs, foreign aggression and long-term conflicts, such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the core of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Rivero Rosario called on the UN Security Council to adopt concrete measures to end this historical injustice by putting an immediate end to the occupation by Israel of the Palestinian territory and other Arab territories since 1967

He reiterated Cuba's firm support and solidarity with the just cause of the Palestinian people, based on a principled, clear and unequivocal position in favor of self-determination and of the establishment of an independent Palestinian State. He also stressed that the island will continue to defend the right of the Palestinian people to have a free, independent and sovereign State, with its capital in East Jerusalem and with the pre-1967 borders as well as the admission of Palestine as a full member of the United Nations, as it is the manifest desire of the vast majority of States.

While demanding the end of the occupation of the Syrian Golan by Israel, the representative of the island reiterated that any action or actions taken or about to be taken in order to modify the legal, physical and demographic condition and the institutional structure of the occupied Syrian Golan, as well as Israel's measures to exercise its jurisdiction and administration in that territory, constitute violations of international law, international agreements, the Charter of the United Nations and the UN resolutions, including resolution 497 (1981) of the Security Council and the Fourth Geneva Convention, as well as a challenge to the international community.

In concluding his statement, the Ambassador reaffirmed Cuba's determination to continue supporting the Palestinian people in their legitimate struggle for justice, dignity, peace and the defense of their inalienable right to self-determination and sovereignty.

Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations