Press release on the Blockade against Cuba



                                                        Embassy of the Republic of Cuba.



Press release from the Embassy of Cuba in the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.

For almost 60 years, twelve US administrations have imposed on Cuba the cruelest and prolonged economic, financial and commercial blockade in history. Its founding purpose, reflected in a report by the State Department on Foreign Affairs of the United States in 1960, has not changed until today:

"The majority of Cubans support Castro ... the only foreseeable way of internal support is through the disenchantment and dissatisfaction that arise from the economic malaise and the results of the materials ... we must find all possible means to weaken the economic life of Cuba "... A line of action (is) to deprive Cuba of money and supplies, to reduce financial resources and real wages, to provoke hunger, despair and the overthrow of the Government".

The enemies of the Cuban Revolution insist on demonstrating that the blockade is a measure of bilateral "embargo" and that the difficulties of the island are due to the inefficiency of its socialist model and the incapacity of its leaders. Against this lie, so many times repeated, every year the world rises in support to the Cuba´s report on the damages of that policy, which already reach the amount of 933 678 million dollars.

Many in the world (friends even) think that with the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US, the blockade disappeared or its perfidious actions diminished. Nothing further from the truth.

The imposition of multimillionaire fines to banking entities, states, and companies, for having operations with Cuba, is common practice of the US Government. The Obama administration imposed 56 fines to US and foreign entities for a value of 14 thousand 396 million 883 thousand 576 USD. The Trump government has imposed 3 fines worth 527 thousand 778 USD while it has significantly reversed the bilateral progress made with its predecessor.

Just to mention another example, in July 2017, the American International Group, an international insurance and financial services company, agreed to pay $ 148,698 to the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to direct civil liability that may arise from 555 "alleged violations" of the program of the origins of said office, as regards Iran, Sudan and Cuba.

Since 1992 and uninterruptedly, 26 voting have been taken at the United Nations against the blockade.  Only the US, Israel and some other ally, never more than four countries, have opposed or abstained from this global condemnation. Regrettably, these resolutions of the General Assembly have not had an effect on the position of the Government of the United States, demonstrating its total disregard for the international community.

The US blockade against Cuba, limits trade or aid that can be established or received by any country in the world. November 27, 2017, Investment Credit Bank of Chile, Edwards Bank, Bank of Chile, ITAN, BBVA, and the State Bank refused to transfer funds to Cuba for the Solidarity with Cuba movement for the recovery of damages caused by Hurricane Irma. These institutions argued that Cuba was subject to the regulations of the United States blockade and because of this they were not allowed to carry out these transactions.

In February 2018, the Sheraton Addis Hotel, in Ethiopia, for the indications received from its parent company in the USA, denied the reservation of rooms for a Cuban delegation visiting the country, under the pretext of the regulations of the blockade against Cuba.

In public health millionaire damages are caused by the impossibility of acquiring in the US markets medicines, reagents, spare parts for diagnosis and treatment equipment, medical instruments and other necessary supplies for the sector. In March 2018, the Indian company Aculife refused to ship the drug levofloxacin directly to Cuba. This refusal was due to the fact that the bank that operates the account of said company in India was opposed to crediting the payments made by Cuba, since the shipping documents that justified this payment had as final destination a blocked country.

In these years of struggle against the blockade, Cuba is proud of the unwavering support of the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose people suffer in their own flesh a system of unjust and immoral sanctions, imposed by the same imperialist power that wants to make our revolutions disappear.

The Report of the Secretary General of the United Nations on the Blockade 2018 clearly states: Cuba and Iran are the two countries most affected by blockades imposed by the United States.

The United States of America have not achieved their historic objective of destroying the Cuban Revolution, but they have caused many shortcomings and enormous economic damage to our people, and have prevented their full development. However, the blockade is a failed policy that has not been able to yield to the Cuban people, nor prevented the island from continuing to offer its solidarity with more than 50,000 health specialists in around 66 countries on all continents. It has not managed to reduce the high health, education and social security rates enjoyed by Cubans, nor has it been able to break the unity of the people around its Revolution.

In a few hours, the world will vote again against the blockade in the United Nations. The US pressures are being fierce and shameless, however we have no doubt that again, we will defeat them and the international community will raise its voice in support of Cuba.

Embassy of Cuba in the Islamic Republic of Iran.