Press in Indonesia highlights successes of the Cuban health system in the face of the pandemic.

Jakarta, August 4.- One of the digital portals with the greatest impact in Indonesia, "", published an article in which it reflects that in a context of incessant expansion of Covid-19 in Latin America, Cuba has underscored as one of the most successful countries in the management and control of the Pandemic.

Citing a report by "The Guardian", which referes that the WHO described Latin America as a significant center of the pandemic, at the same time,  contrasts the control of the disease in Cuba. It particularly refers that this result is based on the successful health system of the Island, where its doctors, nurses and medical students immediately undertook an effective daily investigation of the entire population.

The article also highpoints that in Cuba all infected people are treated in hospitals, free of charge, and in the same way, suspected cases in isolation centers for 14 days.

In this sense, the text also quotes the professor at the American University, Washington DC, William Leogrande: 

"No other country in the hemisphere is doing something similar to this ... The organization of its health care system is closely related to the population, identify their health problems and immediately address them ... We scientifically know that rapid case identification, contact tracing, and quarantine are the only way to suppress the virus in the absence of a vaccine, and because it begins with prevention, the Cuban health system is very suitable to carry out this strategy”. 

Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia

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