President of the Parliament of Cuba, Esteban Lazo Hernandez, met with Thomas Tavares-Finson, President of the Senate of Jamaica Press Note by National Assembly of People´s Power of Cuba

During last Monday´s morning, Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People´s Power (ANPP), held a cordial meeting with Thomas Tavares-Finson, president of the Senate of Jamaica, who travelled to Cuba following an invitation to participate at the official unveiling of Jose Marti´s equestrian statue in Havana.

After welcoming the visitor, at one of the halls of the National Capitol, Lazo Hernandez recalled the historic relations of friendship and solidarity between the two nations, ties that were manifested during the wars for independence in Cuba during the XIX century, and remembered that the most prominent revolutionary leaders, Jose Marti, Maximo Gomez and Antonio Maceo, planned in Jamaica the war of 1895; “there Mariana Grajales, the Mother of our Homeland lived and died”, he said.

The President of the Cuban Parliament praised the presence of Senator Tavares-Finson at the funeral of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and acknowledged the position Caribbean sister nation has maintained against the blockade on Cuba imposed by the United States, and expressed that there exist the conditions to increase the collaboration in  the economic and commercial spheres.

Lazo Hernandez conveyed an explanation on the current general elections in Cuba and the development and implementation of the main documents from the Congress of the Cuban Party in the spheres of social and economic development, which were ratified afterwards by the National Assembly.

The President of the Senate of Jamaica highlighted the solidarity of Cuba during the devastation of the Caribbean islands caused by two strong hurricanes last year, and reiterated his country´s compromise in the fight to end the blockade against Cuba.

The meeting, during which Lazo and Tavares also coincided on the importance to increase the bilateral and multilateral parliamentary relations in the Caribbean, was attended, on the Cuban part, by Ana Maria Mari Machado, Deputy President of ANPP; Yolanda Ferrer and Jose Luis Toledo, presidents of the commissions of International Relations and Constitutional and Legal Affairs, and Zailin Gauhiac, official.

A’Dale George Robinson, Ambassador of Jamaica to Cuba, was also in attendance, as well as Jorge Luis Mayo Fernández and Fakri Rodríguez Pinelo, director and official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, respectively.

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