President of Madagascar received the Cuban Ambassador

Antananarivo, January 20. Andry Rajoelina, President of Madagascar, received at the Government Palace of Antananarivo, the Ambassador of Cuba Ernesto Gómez Díaz, who attended the inauguration of the Malagasy President.

In the friendly meeting, the Cuban diplomat reiterated the congratulations of the President of the Councils of State and Ministers Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez and ratified Cuba's willingness to increase cooperation ties between the two countries, while thanking Malagasy support in the struggle for the lifting of the US blockade against Cuba.

For his part, President Rajoelina, after thanking Cuba for its presence in his inauguration yesterday; acknowledged the long-standing relationship with Cuba and expressed his country's desire to advance bilateral ties. In another moment of the lively conversation, the president sent his best regards to the Cuban President.

Andry Rajoelina was sworn in as President of Madagascar yesterday at a colorful ceremony in Antananarivo, attended by delegations from 35 countries, including 5 Heads of State and thousands of people.

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